1. Transparent Boundaries: Group Exhibition

Transparent Boundaries

Compère Collective | Brooklyn, NY

August 5—30, 2023

The Aerogramme Center for Arts and Culture x Compère Collective presents Transparent Boundaries on view August 5–30.

When a boundary is invisible, it’s easy to bump into. It could trip us. Stop us. Confuse us. It could also reveal something about our environment—and ourselves—that we couldn’t see before. For the twelve participating artists, the group exhibition Transparent Boundaries is about finding, testing, and ultimately transforming the barriers that lay between them and the worlds they envision.

Ana Wieder-Blank erects monumental paintings that complicate the contours of traditional mythologies, exploding and reclaiming their meanings for a new, queerer age. Natalie Ortiz paints her friends and family as a pantheon of guardian angels that transcend the quotidian settings she depicts. Cecil Howell’s botanic soulscapes lead us deeper into the beauty and bewildering ambiguity of the natural world. From pushing past the borders of the human body to conjuring aspirational alien topographies, the artists of Transparent Boundaries offer constructed alternatives to the limits we have inherited.

Artists: Ana Wieder-Blank, Barbara Owen, Cecil Howell, Jebediah Long, Janelle Junn, Jessica Corujo, Kaira Villanueva, Natalie Ortiz, Patrick Bower, Raymond Hwang, Wendi Men, and Zoë Elena Moldenhauer.