2. Sign Language: Breaking Down Behavior

Sign Langauge: Breaking Down Behavior
Rosenberg Gallery | Baltimore, MD
February 22 —March 8, 2019

Sign Language: Breaking Down Behavior is an exhibition centered on process, obsession and patterns. Our need to express ourselves and our identity through language is part of the human condition. Language can be physical, visual, or oral. How does language become a tool or medium? How many ways can language be dissected and rearranged and still express meaning?

The works featured in Sign Language grapple with cultural and identity conflicts. In them, language is a performance in symbol and sound. we humans develop visually and orally. Obsession and pattern-making are how we learn: by doing something over and over until we find a new way to express ourselves or we give up. Each of the Latin-x artists in this show uses language to challenge the audience on race and gender. Their approaches are alternately analytical, poetic, and whimsical.

The artists and their points of view on these issues come from throughout the Americas, and few are widely represented in the contemporary canon. Sign Language displays a kaleidoscope of Latin-x identities.

Artists: Maria Agudelo, Alexa Barboza, Inga Bragadottir, Rosangela Aguilar Briceno, Gabriel Chez, Jenny de la Cruz, Lazaro Garcia, Sophia Hoodis, Carmen Jimenez, Vanessa Lopez, Adriane Pereira, Gina Palacios, Marisol Ruiz, Maria Sanchez, Valentina Soto, Ariana Vilchis

Curator: Zoë Elena Moldenhauer

Designers: Camille Gomera-Travarez, Ariana Vilchis