Installation view. Teleportal Presents: Movement, 2022.

Real Tinsel | Milwaukee, WI

Collective Illusions, 2022.

Acrylic, sharpie, acrylic gloss gel, rice paper, molding paste, gorilla tape, pastel paper, pencil, tarp, polypropylene strap on canvas. 36in x 36in.


Acrylic, paint marker, sharpie, mixed-media paper, fabric, polypropylene, molding paste, sequins, thread, pencil on canvas. 36in x 36in.

Deconstructing Progress, 2021.

Acrylic, sharpie, acrylic gloss gel on panel. 24in x 30in.

In Search of Dissent, 2021.

Acrylic, molding paste, rice paper, thread on canvas. 36in x 42in.


Acrylic, molding paste, sandpaper, sharpie, thread on canvas. 32in x 42in.

Installation View. TSA_PDF x SVA Exhibition, 2021.

Tiger Strikes Asteroid | New York, NY

Local and the Locality, 2021.

Acrylic and pencil on canvas. 8.5in x 7.25in.

Analemma, 2020.

Sharpie, ink, thread, yarn on canvas. 19in x 8in.

Roadside Codex, 2020.

Acylic and pencil on canvas. 22in x 29in.

(Right two)

Acylic on panel. 24in x 28in.

Numerical Illusions, 2019.

Acrylic, pencil, tracing paper on panel. 12in x 16in.

Installation view. Juried Artscape Network: Into the Void, 2019.

Center for the Arts Gallery | Towson, MD

Arbitrary Sameness, 2019.

Acrylic on canvas. 36in x 56in.

Deconstructing Sameness, 2021.

Acrylic on canvas. 32in x 42in.

Postcolonial Imagination, 2019.

Acrylic, pencil, molding paste on panel. 14in x 18in.

Encounters, 2019

Acrylic, molding paste, pencil on panel. 12in x 12in.

Constructing a Praxis of Dysfunction, 2019.

Acrylic, pencil on canvas. 40in x 40in.