Smithsonian National Museum of the American Latino
Google Arts & Culture Online Exhibition

September 15, 2022

"Mapping the U.S. Latino Experience" (MUSLE) is an interactive media element only accessible in The Molina Family Latino Gallery. It contains 16 national data stories ranging from citizenship to education, and more. The data was used to curate two virtual exhibitions on Latino voters and Latino identity on the Google Arts & Culture platform.

The ‘Latino Voters’ online exhibition seeks to educate younger generations and newly naturalized citizens about the process of voting in the United States, and entice Latinos to participate as agents of change in their community through contextualizing the significance of the Latino vote. 

The second online exhibition—’Latino Diversity’—explores the historical and contemporary formations of Latino identity as well as the change in demographics in the United States.

Explore Latino Voters ︎︎︎                                Explore Latino Diversity ︎︎︎

Project Supervisors - 
Melissa Carrillo, José Ralat-Reyes, Lola Ramirez, Dr. Audrey Maier

Latino Museum Studies Program Graduate Fellows -
Saskia Lascarez Casenova, Zoë Elena Moldenhauer