3. Generations: Compositions, Design, & New Media

Generations: Compositions, Design & New Media
Rosenberg Gallery | Baltimore, MD
February 22—March 8, 2018

Using familial upbring as a theme, Generations is the expression of a rich cultural history of the Americas from the unique perspective of the Latino and Hispanic students at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Much of the work reflects on the domesticity of home life while bringing culture-specificity of one tradition and culture in reflection onto the individual. The exhibition serves to combine representation, authenticity, and inclusion within a student body, allowing for more than one individual to share in similarity and community.

Artists: Maria Sanchez, Isabel Pardo, Miranda Petierra, Kathy Espinoza Perez, Camila Gomide, Maya Medrano, Diana Esubio, Patricia Chevez, Katherine Sepulveda, Xena Brar, Kristen Tapia, Rafael Jose

Curators: Zoë Elena Moldenhauer, Camille Gomera-Travarez, and Juan Esparza.