5. Paintings + Drawings 2019

A Rational History, 2019.

Colored pencil, ink, tracing paper on 2 sheets of mylar.
9in x 6in.

Extracts from the Composition, 2019.

Relief ink, colored pencil on paper.
7.5in x 6in.

Numerical Illusions, 2019.

Acrylic, pencil, tracing paper on panel.
12in x 16in.

Constellations, 2019.

Charcoal pencil, ink, pen on paper. 8in x 8in.

Arbitrary Sameness, 2019.
Acrylic on canvas.
36in x 56in.

Uncharted, 2019.

Relief ink, charcoal pencil on paper. 7in x 10in.

The Inverse Interior, 2019.

Relief ink, colored pencil, ink pen on paper. 9in x 12in.

Postcolonial Imagination, 2019.

Acrylic, pencil, molding paste on panel.
14in x 18in.

Degenerated Logic, 2019.

Relief ink, ink pen on paper. 8in x 10in.

Encounters, 2019

Acrylic, molding paste, pencil on panel.
12in x 12in.

Undefined Space, 2019.

Relief ink on paper. 7.75in x 10.25in.